21117 276th Avenue Southeast, Maple Valley, Washington 98038, United States



Work Proposal

 Call for a free on-site visitation; followed by a written work proposal and a written work contract 

Excavator and Tractor

Use equipment to grade and prepare for “hardscaping”; provides brush cutting; trenching for drainage, irrigation, and other needs; gravel driveway construction and improvements; excavation

Landscaping Equipment

Kubota tractor, Kubota excavator, dump truck, dump trailer, snow plow, Toro Dingo cultivator/trencher  



Removes debris and demolition materials; hauls products like gravel, soil, mulch; recycling  


Driveways, small walls, steps, walkways, floors for small structures 


Lawns, planting beds, rock outcroppings, rockeries, patios, block walls, walkways, stairs, concrete driveways, gravel roads, play areas 

Product Installations

Topsoil, SteerCo mulch, plants, trees, lawn care products, hydroseed, sod, lawn seed, rocks, stones, pavers, low voltage lighting, irrigation, drainage, play chips 


Property Care

 Pruning bushes, hedges and trees; storm and yard clean-up; lawn maintenance, field grading and mowing 

Renovation and Re-sale

Modernize, freshen and rejuvenate tired landscapes; add artistic and unique rocks and outcroppings; create color spots and focus features 

Patios, Pathways, and Retaining Walls

Installs a variety of natural rock, paver products, blocks and timber products 


Add metal art, unique rail and yard art, accent with outdoor pots and specialty pots, water garden collections and glass accessories

Seasonal Activities

Spring—pruning bushes, trees, and hedges; consultation for future landscape projects, lawn installations, sprinkler systems, concrete demolition and replacement; 
Summer—lawn maintenance, brush clearing, rockery, patio, walkway, concrete driveways;     

Fall/Autumn—winterize sprinkler systems; 
Winter-snow removal and plowing, brush and tree damage clean up, driveway, drainage/erosion damage